SSunsprite » LOL we all need reality checks - make mine out for one million dollars please
Wicca_mom » wow it's been two months since I came here...
loz » hi wicca_mom! hope you're doing well. just stopped by to check in on you & share that I managed to lose 8 lb. while on vacation in the UK... there were *stairs* everywhere! arg hard to complain tho
lozbunny » oops, guess bunny day's over . hope you had a happy Easter, in any case. we all had *very* little chocolate this year, but we did get a little treat even so.
lozbunny » ...swelling that usually happens by the end of the day in an ankle that was injured in an accident - it hardly swells at all now! cool . plus I feel more hydrated in general.
lozbunny » wise words, wicca mom. congrats on the loss, and the reaffirmation! I've lost 5 lb. myself recently. I'm drinking a *lot* more water than ever before, and it's showing in many ways (particularly re:..
loz » any tips on how to fight a fear of scheduling? my personal nemesis, haha.
loz » I think I'll follow your example & keep track of all the exercise I get & the food I eat, for my own benefit... but I think I will record it privately .
loz » the great thing is, there's always tomorrow eh? I think you did great today (well, on March 28th at least, but I'm sure today was great for you too ).
loz » great blog - all the best to you. I am on my own journey to 'fitness' again... I'll keep checking back to see how you are doing & drop a word of encouragement. keep your goal in mind .
Stepherific » good doin the same thing. it really helps to write it down!
wicca_mom » wow I can't believe so many people have found their way here
nikul. » good luck! keep up the good work!