Entry: One way or another.... Mar 17, 2004

well, one way or another I am going to lose this weight... so today I went to the gym.  Usually I do thrity minutes on the treadmill... today the nice young man took me to the ellipical machine... it's like a stairstepper but has forward motion intead of up and down... after 10 minutes I thought I was going die... but I stayed for 35... not bad..... hopefully the trainer will call me and set up my 1st hour... I need some how to be accountable to just me..

No weight or measurement today since I know I have gained weight...

Food Intake: 
  • yogurt
  • smoothie
  • 6 pieces of melba toast
  • 3 slices of cheese
  • KFC chicken (no sides)
  • atkins ice cream

I hope I do better... I want to lok good soon... would have been nice today if I could have looked good to go out... oh well...



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