Entry: I know, I know... It's been a while... Jun 11, 2004

... but just cause its been a while doesn't mean I have given up... ha!... got you!  What has happened since the last weight entry is that I moved... I thought living alone would be great... and it was for a while but.... there is always a but... in this case a butthead... my oldest has moved back home... the deal was get a job and apply for school... about 6 or 7 applications (blank) sit on the counter... yeah... it's all lip service...  I have been depressed mostly because first I had to make an extremely dificult move from a 4 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage 1700sqft home to a 2 bedroom one bath i car garage/storage 750 sqft apt ...I love my new little place but the move was taxing on my extremely stretched budget... and now I have this 213lb deadweight living here eating a months worth of groceries in a week.  Why have I included all this in my health journal because these are the obstacles toward weight loss..... my mental health has to bee in line with my physical or wieght loss won't happen.  I am trying not to let any of this bother me.  Having a trainer helps... I weighed in at 230... 20 pound loss and 13 total inches.... today I took a great pilates stretch and ab class... hopefully I can keep it going

Summary:  loss 20lbs and 13 inches... need 60 more pounds... talk to you soon...


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