Entry: I will get there.... about 90 lbs by Feb 2005 Apr 9, 2004

Wow... it's been a while since I wrote about my health... well... it hasn't been on purpose... like I said before I have a tough time being obsessive about stuff...

According to my scale at home at 12:00 noon I am back to 237.  This is a good thing since just a few weeks ago the home scale said 242.... 5 pounds is a big right now... the scale at the gym was originally 252....just yesterday it was 244... almost 10 pounds... that's even better...

Exercise: yesterday I did 67 minutes... 37 cardio (bicycle, elliptical, and the god awful stairmaster) and about 30 on a circut for legs... I did 3 reps of 12 on the abductor, the adductor, the butt blaster, and the leg extensions... 

Food Intake: well, thanks to the Bally's Total Fitness plan, I got, actually I paid big, for a CD that helps track the food I take... I have tried them all, Weightwatchers, Atkins, E-diets... for some reason this one is great... it actually lets me see how many calories I eat and how many I burn... it's a little high on Carbs... the nutritional needs chart says 45% of the calorie intake should be carb... I don't think so... although the highest carb intake this week has been 61%... mostly because I like bananas and they are high in Carbs... yesterday... I managed 42% Carbs and more protein...

Yes, I think I am on the road to recovery... next challenge a place to live and more money in the bank account... in other words... mental health...

Oh yeah, and Loz, honey... the schedule question.... all I can say is that it really is ok to have structured time for your self... it doesn't mean that you have settled into a life of complacency... it just means that you make your self Number 1 and there is no reason to be afraid of being number 1.


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