Entry: I found my inspiration Mar 28, 2004

Yesterday I was at the gym and I saw this man maybe 70, 80 years old, come to the gym in a walker.... just as I got there a blind man was leaving... he had run 8 miles... well if they can find the motivation to show up at the gym then so can I... that's why I went today...


2 -10 minute reps on the bike
2 - 5 minute reps on the awfule stair climber (not the elliptical)
2 - 10 minute reps on the treadmill

Wow 50 minutes of exercising... cardio no less.... not bad...  food on the other hand has been off
Food Intake:
Egg Omlet
3 small chicken breast
a bunch of RItz Crackers with butter
8 strawberries with cool whip

Maybe tomorrow I'll be better


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