Entry: No Pain No Gain Mar 27, 2004

Wow, 33 people... well, I am glad you have found your way here... you will keep me honest... please leave a word of encouragement.... it helps....

My first session with my trainer was painful.. but great... He seems to be pushing me but not as hard as I thought he would... I can't believe he wanted to do this... well yeah I can... the cost is his reward for putting up with me...

I almost cried when he weighed me... the scale there said 252... ahhhhh!!!! Quit Your Complaining yeah I really should quit my complaining... I did it to myself....although my scale at home says 12 pounds less.... on the gym scale the I'll be at 200 by may... on mine I will be 188... that will make me feel better... gladly though one of the other trainers commented that I didn't look that big....  

Yesterday, I rode the bike for 15 minutes,Stationary Bike  the stairclimber  (spelling looks weird) for 5 (damn that's hard) Fat Guy 7 and the treadmill for Treadmill 15 minutes....

Today I get to see my very personable coach at one... he said no food or coffee 4 hours prior ....

I think I am going to add an inspiration quote about weight loss:  ( how do you like this one)

Skinny cooks can't be trusted.
American Saying

Have a great weekend everyone!


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