Entry: Wooo Hooo I'm going to look hot by Mother's Day Mar 22, 2004

  1:05.... at leadst I hope so.... today I went to the gym .... the cutest, most adorable, 27 year old is going to be my trainer.... yea.... it'll cost a pretty penny... but then I'll be a pretty Carie.... 3 months 24 sessions 1300 bucks.... that's going to be tough but I'll figure it out... one thing I can do is make money...

Weight: 238:


  1. 25 minutes elliptical
  2. 4 reps 12 step ups
  3. 2 reps 12 leg lifts
  4. 2 reps 12 leg press

Man did I sweat!

Water:  2 liters of water


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