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Jun 11, 2004
I know, I know... It's been a while...

... but just cause its been a while doesn't mean I have given up... ha!... got you!  What has happened since the last weight entry is that I moved... I thought living alone would be great... and it was for a while but.... there is always a but... in this case a butthead... my oldest has moved back home... the deal was get a job and apply for school... about 6 or 7 applications (blank) sit on the counter... yeah... it's all lip service...  I have been depressed mostly because first I had to make an extremely dificult move from a 4 bedroom 2 bath 2 car garage 1700sqft home to a 2 bedroom one bath i car garage/storage 750 sqft apt ...I love my new little place but the move was taxing on my extremely stretched budget... and now I have this 213lb deadweight living here eating a months worth of groceries in a week.  Why have I included all this in my health journal because these are the obstacles toward weight loss..... my mental health has to bee in line with my physical or wieght loss won't happen.  I am trying not to let any of this bother me.  Having a trainer helps... I weighed in at 230... 20 pound loss and 13 total inches.... today I took a great pilates stretch and ab class... hopefully I can keep it going

Summary:  loss 20lbs and 13 inches... need 60 more pounds... talk to you soon...

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Apr 17, 2004
A Week Later

It's been a week since the last entry...

I am working my tail off... 2 x  week with the trainer... 3 more times on my own... and I am not sure I see a differnce... physically .... outwardlly.... but I do notice I can go longer and recover quicker... so it may be a while longer but 237 is good for now...

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Apr 12, 2004
I hang out with the wrong people

Ahhh... the next step... yesterday I realized why I have to do this... I hang out with the wrong people.  In order for me to be fit I need to hang out with other people who want to be fit, both physically and mentally.  What a concept!  I think I will write more about this in my other blog but for know Iknow why my weight is an issue... I really don't hang with people who are healthy or care to be so... onward to new and different types of friends.  I haven't weighed myself or done any exercise yet but I will so I will be back!

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Apr 9, 2004
I will get there.... about 90 lbs by Feb 2005

Wow... it's been a while since I wrote about my health... well... it hasn't been on purpose... like I said before I have a tough time being obsessive about stuff...

According to my scale at home at 12:00 noon I am back to 237.  This is a good thing since just a few weeks ago the home scale said 242.... 5 pounds is a big right now... the scale at the gym was originally 252....just yesterday it was 244... almost 10 pounds... that's even better...

Exercise: yesterday I did 67 minutes... 37 cardio (bicycle, elliptical, and the god awful stairmaster) and about 30 on a circut for legs... I did 3 reps of 12 on the abductor, the adductor, the butt blaster, and the leg extensions... 

Food Intake: well, thanks to the Bally's Total Fitness plan, I got, actually I paid big, for a CD that helps track the food I take... I have tried them all, Weightwatchers, Atkins, E-diets... for some reason this one is great... it actually lets me see how many calories I eat and how many I burn... it's a little high on Carbs... the nutritional needs chart says 45% of the calorie intake should be carb... I don't think so... although the highest carb intake this week has been 61%... mostly because I like bananas and they are high in Carbs... yesterday... I managed 42% Carbs and more protein...

Yes, I think I am on the road to recovery... next challenge a place to live and more money in the bank account... in other words... mental health...

Oh yeah, and Loz, honey... the schedule question.... all I can say is that it really is ok to have structured time for your self... it doesn't mean that you have settled into a life of complacency... it just means that you make your self Number 1 and there is no reason to be afraid of being number 1.

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Mar 28, 2004
I found my inspiration

Yesterday I was at the gym and I saw this man maybe 70, 80 years old, come to the gym in a walker.... just as I got there a blind man was leaving... he had run 8 miles... well if they can find the motivation to show up at the gym then so can I... that's why I went today...


2 -10 minute reps on the bike
2 - 5 minute reps on the awfule stair climber (not the elliptical)
2 - 10 minute reps on the treadmill

Wow 50 minutes of exercising... cardio no less.... not bad...  food on the other hand has been off
Food Intake:
Egg Omlet
3 small chicken breast
a bunch of RItz Crackers with butter
8 strawberries with cool whip

Maybe tomorrow I'll be better

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Mar 27, 2004
No Pain No Gain

Wow, 33 people... well, I am glad you have found your way here... you will keep me honest... please leave a word of encouragement.... it helps....

My first session with my trainer was painful.. but great... He seems to be pushing me but not as hard as I thought he would... I can't believe he wanted to do this... well yeah I can... the cost is his reward for putting up with me...

I almost cried when he weighed me... the scale there said 252... ahhhhh!!!! Quit Your Complaining yeah I really should quit my complaining... I did it to myself....although my scale at home says 12 pounds less.... on the gym scale the I'll be at 200 by may... on mine I will be 188... that will make me feel better... gladly though one of the other trainers commented that I didn't look that big....  

Yesterday, I rode the bike for 15 minutes,Stationary Bike  the stairclimber  (spelling looks weird) for 5 (damn that's hard) Fat Guy 7 and the treadmill for Treadmill 15 minutes....

Today I get to see my very personable coach at one... he said no food or coffee 4 hours prior ....

I think I am going to add an inspiration quote about weight loss:  ( how do you like this one)

Skinny cooks can't be trusted.
American Saying

Have a great weekend everyone!

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Mar 22, 2004
Wooo Hooo I'm going to look hot by Mother's Day

  1:05.... at leadst I hope so.... today I went to the gym .... the cutest, most adorable, 27 year old is going to be my trainer.... yea.... it'll cost a pretty penny... but then I'll be a pretty Carie.... 3 months 24 sessions 1300 bucks.... that's going to be tough but I'll figure it out... one thing I can do is make money...

Weight: 238:

  1. 25 minutes elliptical
  2. 4 reps 12 step ups
  3. 2 reps 12 leg lifts
  4. 2 reps 12 leg press

Man did I sweat!

Water:  2 liters of water

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Mar 20, 2004
2nd time on the elliptical machine

wooo hoooo... today was the second time on the elliptical machine... damn it's hard... 30 mins. is all i can do.... resistance is 8 and elevation is 8... It really makes me sweat... then a smoothie from the cafe in the gym and now I am home... since it's 1:42 pm.. I am not going to weigh myself but it's not pretty... I'm going to cut the grass that will burn some more calories...

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Mar 17, 2004
One way or another....

well, one way or another I am going to lose this weight... so today I went to the gym.  Usually I do thrity minutes on the treadmill... today the nice young man took me to the ellipical machine... it's like a stairstepper but has forward motion intead of up and down... after 10 minutes I thought I was going die... but I stayed for 35... not bad..... hopefully the trainer will call me and set up my 1st hour... I need some how to be accountable to just me..

No weight or measurement today since I know I have gained weight...

Food Intake: 
  • yogurt
  • smoothie
  • 6 pieces of melba toast
  • 3 slices of cheese
  • KFC chicken (no sides)
  • atkins ice cream

I hope I do better... I want to lok good soon... would have been nice today if I could have looked good to go out... oh well...


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Not doing well...

ARRRGG.... Ok Ok... so I have done poorly... I have not been to the gym at all and I have gained 3 pounds.... part of it is water weight... so I tell myself... you know bloating and all... ok ok.... so I am going to change out of my PJ's and go to the gym... I don't have to be at work till 1 any way...

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