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Mar 8, 2004
New week

9:28 AM  I am back to 237.5... had a bowl of ceral and feel like shit... not because of the bowl of ceral just because I am sick...

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Mar 7, 2004
6th day

so 6 days ago I started journaling what I ate and how i moved towards a healthier me... I haven't been very good... although I have been eating at home I still managed two pieces of cake last night at a going away/.birthday party... and no exercise all week... so todays weight is up to 239... oh well I know what I didn't do and that was no exercise and minimal water... lets try again... tomorrow I'll weigh myself and measure ... and keep going.....I'll get it... some how I have to keep myself accountable to getting healthy...

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Mar 6, 2004

Ok... i should be exercising instead I have not... darn... How am suppose to lose the weight if I don't exercise.... so far all I have done is maintained the current weight.

Weight: 237.5

  1. an orange
  2. a bowl of Special K cereal


  1. None yet


  1. None yet

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Mar 4, 2004
Fat weighs the same as muscle

8:50 AM

I know I know... I shouldn't be weighing myself everyday... but I think that if I keep track of the daily fluctuations of numeric weight along with what I eat I can figure out the key to losing the weight.... beside I haven't been to the gym yet this week... and as the title mentions.... 1 pound of fat is the same as one pound of muscle.... why people say muscle weighs more than fat is beyond me.... muscle is more dense so  a pound of muscle looks smaller than a pound of fat but it's still a pound... think about it... and get back to me

Weight: 237 (must have had something to do with eating late last night)

Food intake: ( I can't seem to remember what I had... which means I probably didn't eat enough... damn!)
  1. Coffee
  2. chocolate croissant ( I know... I just love the hot chocolate but the goal is to be heathier without giving up everything I like... )
  3. Blueberry yogurt
  4. Half cup cottage cheese and berries
  5. 3 melba toast rounds
  6. Oriental chicken salad

Water Intake: 2 liters ( I don't think that's enough water)

Exercise: Oops again... I didn't make it to the gym... hmm come to think of it the trainers did call either... well at least I walked to and from the class with two heavy bags ... ah and I walked the stairs... instead of the elevator

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Mar 3, 2004
Day 2 of getting healthy

Time: 9:05
Weight 236.5   (woooo hoooooo!)  This is how far I got today.... I will come back later and add what I have eaten and done for exercise... on that same note Iwent grocery shopping last night.... there is more than plenty to keep me on track... let's see how I do this week.... ok I'm back with first food entry today

Food Intake
  1. Bowl of special K cereal
  2. oh yeah... a chocolate croissant mmm it was so good
  3. some cheddar cheese
  4. a pickle
  5. 3 slices of turkey
  6. a tomatoe
  7. a chicken breast
  8. low carb ice cream
  1. None Yet
  1. 2 liters

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Mar 2, 2004
New Blog

Time: 8:40 am

Ok I already wasted enough time on figuring out a new background but I will.  The point is that I am not usually obsessive about things but I do find myself checking to see what comments have been left on my primary blog.  This one though is for me... If people find it that's great... they can watch and enjoy my journey to better health.  Maybe they need to also get healthy... yeah I know who you are... you are not happy with your weight... well neither am I... so the purpose of this blog is to chronicle my road to better health... as of right now I am (besides late for work)
  1. 239 lbs.
  2. 43.1 % body fat
  3. hips: 49"
  4. abdomen: 49" (yucck)
  5. waist: 41"
  6. breast: 47"

Sometime this week I'll figure out how to add a table so I can keep track on the weekly or daily and include what I ate and how much I exercised.  This is going to be a tough one...

Low Carb eating.... not diet... I hate dieting

Food Intake Today

  1. 4 hard boiled eggs (breakfast)
  2. An Apple (snack)
  3. Chicken breast, cheese, spinch dip, vegetables, Iced Tea  (Friday's)
  4. A Pannido (Jack in the Box sandwich)

Water Intake: 32 oz's

Exercise: Walked to Friday's, Gas, grocery shopping


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